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Office Location: 154 AmendmCrent Ave Suite 104

Rock Hill SC 29732

P: 803-203-2864

F: 1-866-897-4727


Meet Hilary Frank MA, CCC-SLP:

Hilary is a dynamic, professionally certified Speech Language Pathologist and the founder of Chatterbugs LLC. Hilary believes in a team approach to patient care and high quality speech, language, and feeding therapy. Hilary works with families  to encourage independence, play skills, movement, and fun. Hilary enjoys coaching families and collaborating with other SLP’s and professionals such as: Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, doctors, and teachers.

Hilary is known by her families to: meet with local healthcare professionals, network with businesses and organizations, attend consistent Continuing Education courses, and connect with other professionals to provide the best in care for our bugs.

Hilary specializes in use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (devices to speak for clients with speech difficulties or children who are difficult to understand) and in treating children with an array of Feeding difficulties. 

Hilary has completed on site specialized training under Kristen Brackett, Feeding Specialist through the UNC Chapel Hill Specialty Training Program in Interdisciplinary Pediatric Feeding Intervention.She works closely with their team in a collaborative whole-child approach by providing private feeding therapy  ( .

Training completed:

  • Krisi Brackett's Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Disorders: A Medical, Motor, Behavioral Approach

  • Food, Function, and Feeding: A Collaborative Approach to Pediatric Feeding Difficulties

  • Melanie Potock’s The Stacking Model: How Feeding Disorders Develop

  • PROMPT- Intro to Prompt

  • Debra Beckman Oral Motor Intervention

  • Cheri Fraker Food Chaining

  • Ellen Carlin's Tongue Tie and Oral Dysfunction

  • Now You're Talking: Learning the Language of UNITY Language System

  • Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP)

  • Moving Forward with LAMP

  • Effective Early Intervention Using Play and Other Interventions to Treat Sensory Deficits and Motor Skill Development in Children Birth to 3

  • Treatment of Picky and Problem Eaters Using Food Chaining Therapy 

  • The DIRr/Floortime Approach

  • Self Regulation in Children: Keeping the body, Mind and Emotions on Task in Children with Autism, ADHD, or Sensory Disorders

  • Providing Access to Language and Curricular Content with Core Vocabulary

  • Nancy Kaufman’s 'Children Who Struggle to Speak: Establishing Effective Vocal-Verbal Skills for Children with Childhood Apraxia of Speech and Other Speech Sound Disorders

  •  A Sensory Motor Approach to Apraxia and related Motor Speech Disorders

  • Tobii Dynavox: Snap+Core and Solutions for Children with Complex Communication Needs